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Baseball Pitcher Injury Prevention and Performance Assessment  Baseball · Male

Winter 2021
Nov 1 ’21
Dec 20 ’21
Registration Dates:
Oct 20 ’21 – Nov 8 ’21 regular
Dylan Wilson
Minimum age:
12 years old
Maximum age:
18 years old
Age as of:
Sep 1 ’21
Group Fees
Individual Fees

Baseball pitching puts some of the greatest stresses on our body of any activity. In fact, the speed the shoulder goes from maximum external rotation to beginning to accelerate forward and go into internal rotation during a pitch is the fastest measured joint motion in the human body. It is extremely important for the entire body to work effectively in order to deliver a successful pitch and more importantly to withstand the extreme stresses and decrease their risk of injury.

This program will take each participant through an orthopedic evaluation consisting of various range of motion measurements of the entire body as well as strength measurements of the shoulder and hip and an endurance test of the shoulder. Each participant will then have a follow up Zoom meeting to discuss the findings on the assessment and identify any areas that could be an injury risk factor and any areas that could decrease performance. During the Zoom meeting, the participant will be given an individualized home exercise plan designed to target the problematic areas found through the assessment. The participant will then complete the home exercise program on their own for the next 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks, each participant will undergo the same assessment once more and see where improvement was made and areas that still need improvement.

Zoom Follow Up Meetings

Every Monday at 6:30 pm, we will have a Zoom meeting for each participant. These meetings will consist of a 20-40 minutes presentation regarding various topics on pitching with a focus being on injury prevention; although many of the topics will apply to improving performance as well. At the end of the presentation, there will be 15-30 minutes for any questions. Questions can be regarding anything in the presentation or any questions a participant may have about their at home exercise plan they are completing.

Important Dates:

In Person:

Week of November 1st: Will schedule a day and time with each participant to come to the UYA and complete their initial orthopedic assessment. Each assessment takes 20-30 minutes. (Note: Nov. 1 is the start to schedule an assessment. This is based on sign-up contact information; you will be contacted.)

Week of December 20: Will schedule a day and time with each participant to come to the UYA and complete their follow up orthopedic assessment.


Every Monday starting November 8th from 6:30 pm to 7:30 on Zoom. Each participant is required to attend at least 80% of the Zoom meetings. Parents are also encouraged to attend.

Please reach out to this program's Sponsor, Dylan Wilson (, if you have any questions.

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