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Parents and Coaches Sports Medicine Education Course  Baseball/Softball/Tball

Winter 2022
Jan 3 ’22
Dylan Wilson

This course is designed to provide coaches and parents the tools and resources to help their kids prevent injuries commonly seen in baseball and softball, as well as perform at their best. 
If you are a parent or coach of |a| boy(s) or girl(s) under 13, we will focus on the guidelines set forth by the Aspen Institute, Project Play, Don't Retire Kid Campaign, and our Royals Amateur Development System (RADS)

The course will be focused on keeping the game fun and keeping younger kids engaged in the game. Did you know that most kids quit sports at the age of 10.5 and the number one reason they quit is because they no longer find it fun? Learn what you can do as a parent or coach to keep your kid(s) loving the game, having fun, and developing at an appropriate level.

If you are a parent or coach of |a| boy(s) or girl(s) 13 and up, we will focus on Sports Medicine, both how it applies to injury prevention and performance. Participants will be provided with resources to implement with their kid(s) on topics such as: injury prevention programs, nutrition, sleep, off season training, recovery and more. We will also talk about important topics from the mental side of the game such as the car ride home and interactions between parents/coaches and umpires, and the interactions between parents and coaches.

If you have questions or inquiries regarding this course, please reach out to the course Sponsor Dylan Wilson (

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